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Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Specializing in Wildlife Habitat Creation and Restoration for Sportsmen and Other Conservation Minded Individuals and Organizations in the Southeast Texas Area


* Pond Creation and Restoration

* Watershed Enhancement

* Habitat Management

* Invasive Plant Control

* Invasive Animal Control

* Hunting Club Consulting

* Pond and Land Habitat Surveys

* Environmental Assessments

* Prescribed Burns

* Wildlife Food Plots

At AvianQuest Ecosystems, we are all avid sportsmen as well as wildlife conservationists and it‘s to this end that we bring to your project our staff’s scientific backgrounds in Wildlife Management, Environmental Science, Aquatic Biology, Environmental Law, and Construction Technology.

Our first step is to meet with the landowner or lessee to determine what goals are desired and then we apply our scientific backgrounds and practical experience to conduct in-depth reviews of existing onsite conditions for assessing the feasibility of wetland or upland habitat creation projects and any special technical or economic constraints that may exist.

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